We reduce your cost per hire and bring you more candidates to choose from.

Step One: We translate your vision into a magnetic message to impress the most sought-after candidates.

Your firm has lot to offer, but your prospect candidates will only learn about you if you approach them in the right way. Years of experience recruiting consultants means more candidates will take notice of your message.

Step Two: We use a proven methodology to identify and attract the best passive and active consulting candidates.

We have achieved the greatest success by thoroughly researching a recruiting market and reaching out to as many potential candidates as possible within that pool. An attention-getting message from a professional recruiter gives you the best possible chance of attracting the talent you want.

Step Three: We recruit and interview an ongoing stream of candidates and present a steady flow of only the best ones.

Once we successfully grab the attention of our prospective candidates, we screen them, get them excited about your opportunity and present them to you. You can rely on us to provide you with interested candidates ready to hear more about your opportunity

Step Four: We transition candidates to you and support your interview process.

We differ from other search firms in this area because we concentrate on producing as many candidates as possible, instead of trying to get a select few through your hiring process like many traditional firms do. Our emphasis on the front-end of the recruiting process allows us to produce more qualified candidates by focusing all of our skills, tools and methods on this area.

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